Discover how our electrification solutions can be applied in various sectors to improve environmental impact, air pollution, and reduce noise.

Industrial vehicles

For industrial vehicles, several electrical architectures are possible: from simple electrification of equipment such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, aerial lifts, sweepers, etc., to complete vehicle electrification with a fully electric powertrain.

In retrofit applications, for cost constraints, we generally retain the hydraulic circuit by keeping the power take-off on the gearbox or we install an electric pump in place of the old pump. For new vehicles, it is possible to imagine new, more energy-efficient architectures.

Electrifying industrial vehicles is a major ecological transition challenge for these complex vehicles that often operate in urban areas subject to emissions and noise constraints.


Airports are facing a major decarbonization challenge. Introducing electric vehicles on the tarmacs not only reduces CO2 emissions but also drastically reduces maintenance costs for vehicles that have different operational cycles than traditional automobiles. 

To improve working conditions for employees, we also enable the electrification of equipment used to operate around aircraft silently and without exhaust emissions.

In the ground support equipment (GSE) sector, we offer electrification that meets operational needs, namely robust vehicles with continuous usage conditions and a vehicle speed limited to 25 km/h.
We work in collaboration with our clients to best integrate with the very specific use of their vehicles such as fuel tankers, lift trucks, baggage tractors, etc...


In the automotive sector, electric batteries represent the future of sustainable driving. 

We offer electric powertrain solutions and dedicated battery packs for automobiles, from quadricycles to light commercial vehicles, and we can support you from design to vehicle homologation.

We have designed an electrification kit that is adaptable to both new vehicles and retrofitting to convert your fleet of vehicles at a lower cost.


Offering tourists a silent, pleasant, and exhaust-free experience on board a tourist train or bus is now essential.

Our electrification solutions adapt very well to these types of vehicles, whether for retrofitting or for new vehicles. 


In agriculture, electric batteries open up exciting new possibilities. From tractors to harvesting equipment, the use of electric energy not only reduces polluting emissions but also improves operational efficiency. With quieter and less polluting machines, farmers can work more sustainably while preserving the environment around them.

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