Electrification solutions

Vous êtes un constructeur de véhicules et vous souhaitez électrifier certains de vos modèles ou proposer un nouveau modèle à vos clients ? Nous sommes là pour vous accompagner.

Electrical sizing

We conduct a study to size the powertrain according to the characteristics and operating conditions of the vehicle (weight, speed, target maximum slope, wheel diameter, etc.).
This study allows us to offer the most suitable motor as well as the battery that would best meet power and range requirements. 

Electric vehicle architecture

We are proactive in proposing electrical architecture to best meet your needs with solutions ranging from 48V up to 400V and beyond.

Depending on the vehicle, we offer different technologies for systems affected by electrification, such as the braking system, power steering, and heating and air conditioning.
Our expertise extends from light vehicles requiring high-performance, cost-effective solutions to heavy vehicles such as buses and trucks where availability is critical, with the possibility of offering various redundancy solutions.


We are able to offer multiple motorization solutions, from light quadricycles to heavy trucks, thanks to our motor range ranging from 10kW to 220kW, allowing us to meet your needs.

We offer coupling solutions with or without gearbox.

For a first step towards the hybridization of industrial vehicles, the e-PTO solutions we also offer allow equipment to operate silently and without exhaust emissions when the vehicle is stationary, a real asset when the vehicle operates in urban areas.




The battery is the heart of the electric vehicle, requiring perfect mastery of this system for optimal performance and range. 
With our batteries designed in-house, assembled in France, safe, and repairable, you offer your customers reliable vehicles in which they can drive with peace of mind.

Pour en savoir plus sur nos solutions de batterie, click here.   

Embedded software

The embedded software is the conductor of the electric vehicle, allowing all components to communicate in a coherent and optimal manner. Our motor control laws allow for adapting driving sensations according to your needs, managing logic associated with equipment, and providing all important information to the driver.

Our electrification solutions are also connected, allowing valuable data on the use of your vehicles to be collected and better understand the needs of users. They also allow you to be responsive, even anticipate the after-sales service needs of your customers. 


We also have expertise in reverse engineering, allowing us to support you in your retrofit projects. 


We also offer engineering and homologation advice to support you from the upstream phase to the homologation of your electric vehicle.

Do you have a vehicle electrification project ?
We would be delighted to learn more, so don't hesitate to tell us about it !