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What is electric retrofitting ?

Electric retrofitting is revolutionizing the way we view our cars. More than just an upgrade, it's an ecological and economical transformation while promoting the circular economy. By converting traditional motor vehicles into electric ones, electric retrofitting gives a new lease of life to our existing means of transportation while reducing our carbon footprint.

This innovative process involves removing the internal combustion engine and its exhaust system for the installation of an electric motor, batteries, and electronic components in a conventional vehicle. The result? A quiet, emission-free drive with low maintenance costs.

By choosing electric retrofitting, you are opting for sustainable mobility. You extend the lifespan of your vehicle while contributing to the preservation of our planet.

Transform your drive. Transform your world with electric retrofitting.

Advantages of electric retrofitting

Twice as eco-friendly(1)

compared to purchasing a new electric vehicle and scrapping one's old vehicle

Twice as economical(2)

than buying a new electric vehicl


We produce and assemble the electric kit. The conversion is done in partnership with local mechanics

Transform your utility vehicle into Crit'Air 0

Access Low Emission Zones without changing vehicles thanks to electric conversion

Reduce maintenance costs

Keep your cargo volume and fittings

Manage your fleet

Through connectivity, we offer you a real fleet management solution to optimize your organization


Latest news

(1) According to a Retrofit study by ADEME, converting a Light Utility Vehicle to electric allows for a 56% reduction in CO2 compared to purchasing this type of vehicle new. 

(2) For example, the new Renault Kangoo Van E-Tech "sesame open" starts at €29,600 excluding tax (€34,600 including €5,000 eco-bonus for professionals), whereas our CirculaCar solution starts at €14,000 excluding tax (€19,000 excluding tax including €5,000 state subsidy). Other local subsidies may be available, for more information, contact us