Electric conversion

What does electric conversion involve ?

Authorized in France since 2020 , electric conversion,also known as electric retrofitting, involves transforming a combustion engine vehicle (petrol or diesel) by removing the old engine and replacing it with an electric conversion kit like the one we offer. The changes only concern the motorization, the other components of the vehicle are not modified and continue to function. The vehicle retains its entire usable volume, , any interior fittings, and its covering.

After this conversion, the registration certificate is updated, and the vehicle becomes Crit'Air 0 , thus allowing access tovarious Low Emission Zones (LEZ)..

It's a real ecological alternative to reduce CO2 emissions in mobility, improve air quality in urban areas, and save our resources..

Concretely, how does it work ?

We assemble and send your conversion kit to our partner garage near you.


The combustion engine is removed, and the approved kit is installed by our partner garage in approximately 24 hours.


Your car becomes electric, Crit'Air 0, and drives just like before. We can assist you with the installation of charging systems.


We assist you with administrative procedures and aid requests.

Why choose CirculaCar ?

Our vision is to change the motorization while preserving your driving experience.. We design our patented conversion kit in-house and in France.It can be installed quickly and easily without modifying the interior. All dashboard functionalities remain intact, and other vehicle components remain functional. 

The gearbox is retained, and gear changes are made in the same way as with a conventional vehicle. An eco-driving indicator for gear changes on the dashboard allows for real savings in electrical consumption.We also offer eco-driving training for vehicles converted with our kits.

Finally, we digitize your vehicle through connectivity.All data related to your vehicle fleet is sent to a web platform, allowing you tooptimize your company's organization and measure the cost of vehicle usage..