Battery Packs LFP 48 - 400V

Pack batterie CirculaCar small

Small Battery

Dedicated to the light mobility project


High Battery

For a compact width

Pack batterie plat CirculaCar

Flat Battery

Ideal for placing under the chassis

Large Battery

More large and more powerful

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The CirculaCar technology

Our company, specialized and recognized in the fieldof vehicle electrification,has designed a range of modular battery packs that canadapt to all types of vehicles: from light quadricycles to heavy trucks, including industrial vehicles. 

Aware of the need to decarbonize mobility, today we are proud to offer our expertise and skills to other electric mobility projects, positioning ourselves asan equipment supplier to facilitate access to Lithium-Ion battery technologies.

Which battery for your project ?

Our innovative approach lies in our standard battery packs of 5.5 kWh, 11 kWh, 22 kWh, and 38 kWh, with the ability to easily connect these battery packs in series or parallel.This allows us to offer voltages ranging from 48V to 400V..
This flexibility gives you the ability to choose the voltage that suits your project based on the vehicle to be electrified. 
At CirculaCar,adaptability and performance go hand in hand, as we believe that a competitive system must rely on the standardization of components.

Technical specifications
Connectivity at the service of your project

CirculaCar batteries are not just a source of energy; they are also a gateway to a driving experience more smarter and connectedWith our technology, you can access a wealth of real-time data related to the battery and your vehicle as a whole. Monitor consumption, mileage, remaining range, speed, battery percentage, and remaining charging time, among other essential information, at a glance.

But that's not all. Our platform also allows you tosend commands to your vehicle,such as pre-conditioning the battery to optimize performance in all weather conditions. Moreover, this connectivity offers enormous potential for the development of future products through more in-depth data analysis.
With us, the battery is not just a component; it's an intelligent interface that enhances your driving experience and opens up new
possibilities for the future of electric mobility.

Our battery systems are repairable and recyclable

Thanks to CirculaCar technology, we have developed the ability to precisely detect which cell is malfunctioning within our batteries in case of an accident or failure, meaning you don't have to replace the entire pack. 
Unlike batteries commonly found in consumer vehicles, our innovative approach allows for the replacement of only the faulty cell, saving youmoney and contributing to extending the lifespan of the batteries.We are proud to offer you a more durable and cost-effective battery solution , ensuringpeace of mind while preserving the environment. 

Made in France 🇫🇷

In a commitment to quality and dedication to our customers, our battery packs are designed and assembled in France.We are proud to support the national industry and to guarantee our customers high-quality products manufactured in our country.

In partnership with MOV’NTEC, we ensure the assembly of our battery packs. This collaboration allows us to combine our expertise in designing electric mobility solutions with their know-how MOV’NTEC in the industrialization and assembly of battery packs for electric mobility. 

Thanks to the experience of MOV’NTEC, this approach allows us to ensure high-quality batteries by controlling each step, from design to final assembly, thereby ensuring excellence and reliability in the products we offer.

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