CirculaCar unveils its first electrically converted demonstrator vehicle: a unique electric VW Polo !

Announced in September 2022 and completed in record time,this first electrically converted vehicle is a 2013 VW Polo 5, a first for this model and the most recent vehicle converted in France.
polo converti à l'électrique capot ouvert
Technological expertise

This first electric Polo highlights CirculaCar's technological expertise in offering retrofit kits to convert small modern vehicles such as vans or city cars to to electric..

The conversion kit installed on this Polo, similar to what is planned for commercialization, has been evaluated and perfected through a test campaign. With its 50kW electric motor and a double battery pack system (without nickel or cobalt) of 22kWh, which allows for balanced mass distribution, the Polo now has a range of 130 km, sufficient for daily urban use.

This electric conversion kit will be adaptable to various vehicles,mainly or city cars vans such as the Berlingo or Partner, with a similar range allowing for an average of 2 days of use for professionals according to a study by the CMA.You can find our convertible vehicle catalog here. here.

CirculaCar is primarily a technology company that has internalized the design of key components of the kit such as the battery pack and its monitoring electronics, as well as the engine control unit, in order to control both performance and costs and to meet deadlines in a challenging supply context.

The company stands out by limiting the vehicle's transformation to the strictly necessary; nothing distinguishes this converted/retrofitted electric car from the outside, and the interior remains unchanged : from the identical dashboard with a functional tachometer to the gear lever.

Keeping the gearbox precisely helps to reduce costs during the kit installation as well as energy savings during usage.The engine control laws have been adjusted for operation with a manualgearbox after many hours of engineering.Selecting the correct gear ratio helps to operate the electric motor at its optimum efficiency. Since the engine noise has now disappeared, CirculaCar has adapted and implemented a gear change indicator on the dashboard to guide the driver and enable them to drive as economically as possible.

Seamless integration

The integration of the new electric motor The integration of the new electric motor components of the vehicle such as ABS or power steering, and no warning lights appear on the dashboard..

With the onboard charger and its standard Type 2 socket located under the fuel flap, the electric Polo can be charged at home as well as at any public charging station. 

polo converti à l'électrique en recharge en station publique
Car Modernization

Finally, the electric Polo has also been modernized by becoming connected.All technical data is transmitted to a web platform, allowing engineering teams to monitor this demonstrator vehicle and refine it.

The data will also enable fleet managers to have precise monitoring of their fleet of vans and city cars converted to electric : electric energy consumption, CO2 savings counter, travel times, distances, etc. It will also allow for more precise monitoring of vehicle maintenance and anticipation of any malfunctions.

plateforme kit de retrofit connecté

If you want to learn more about electric conversion or simply try our demonstration vehicle, contact us !