Peugeot Expert II


Additional local assistance available.
Phase 2 - Models from 2012 to 2016
1.6 HDI Diesel Engine (90 hp) and 2.0 HDI Diesel Engine (98 and 120 hp)
Delivery starting from January 2025

0 km
2 days of average use(3)
0 km/h
Maximum speed
0 h
Charging time(4)
Fast charging < 1 hour available as an optional purchase
Electric expert

Drive calmly in Low Emission Zones
Save money by not purchasing a new electric vehicle
Keep the modifications made to your Expert

Connected Expert

Measure the ownership cost of your Expert
Optimize your organization and your trips
Reduce maintenance costs to the bare minimum


Synchronous motor
72 kW
Maximum torque
33 kWh
Onboard charger
7 kW
Charging port
Standard Type 2

In options : connectivity to fleet management platform, fast charging, Type 2 charging cable, portable charger, contact us.

2-year warranty on the electric conversion kit.(5)

Conversion carried out by a partner garage near you.


New Crit’Air 0 registration certificate.

(1) Sale price excluding taxes, including labor, with the state retrofitting incentive of €5000 deducted, corresponding to the Kangoo class, provided you have owned the vehicle for more than a year and keep it for at least one year, and have driven more than 6000 km following the conversion date. Check your eligibility on the website. Other local subsidies can be combined, for more information, contact us. The selling price does not include the vehicle and any necessary repairs on it before its conversion to electric.
Before any conversion, each vehicle is inspected according to a precise specification to ensure that it is in a condition to receive the conversion kit.

(2) Estimated range in urban and suburban driving cycles based on the capacities of our conversion kit, the vehicle's weight, and aerodynamics. Range also depends on driving style and topography. WLTP certification in progress.

(3) A study by the Chamber of Trades and Crafts of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes shows that the intervention radius of commercial vehicles does not exceed 50 km for 80% of them. 

(4) Charging time on a reinforced 16A charging socket.

(5) The warranty covers the components of the kit installed by CirculaCar or its authorized partners (e.g., batteries, motor, controllers) and not the elements specific to the vehicle before its conversion.